Expertise & Services

Civil & Design


  A leader in civil infrastructure, our engineering has helped deliver some of Australia’s more significant transport and infrastructure projects.

MIEPOL assets have delivered while maintaining a strong commitment to community engagement, health, safety and environmental management principles.

Civil & Build


We identify and optimise every unique parameter presented with each client and tailor our projects accordingly to deliver on time and within budget.

Our specialist design and project management teams combine deep sector and product knowledge with strong client relationships to provide a vast range of civil engineering and general construction services.

Traffic Management


MIEPOL is pre-qualified by VicRoads in 

Traffic Management Plan (TMP) Preparation and Traffic Guidance Scheme (TGS) Implementation. 

Our team of accredited draftsman and road safety auditors work with our adept traffic control team working 24/7, 365 days of the year on small and large-scale event and road closures bolstering our ability to provide ultimate traffic management solutions.


Asset Management


MIEPOL is a specialist nationwide network maintenance and asset management contractor, ideally suited for small to large companies requiring asset, facilities, maintenance and civil works projects to be undertaken. 


Our clients entrust us to seamlessly operate and maintain public and private infrastructure, serving people and communities without disruption.

Event Traffic Security


  MIEPOL provides comprehensive event traffic management security services for minor and major events, professionally and tactfully. 

We specifically analyse each event and the unique parameters presented to ensure we tailor an appropriate, innovative and workable solution for a completely safe and secure event.